Speech About Grandparents

Feb 23, 2012

speech about grandparents
What should I do? I’m lost about my son seeing his grandparents?

His dad doesn’t want anything to do with my son. Which is fine. But the problem is, I asked the grandparents last year to stick to a routine but they couldn’t. They wanted to see him when they are free.
Now tonight my dad calls me and says one of my sons great gran passed away and tells me he should start seeing his family and I should contact the grandma which is my sons dads mum.
I don’t want my son to get hurt but I also don’t want my son to hate me.
I work fulltime to provide for him so I dont get a lot of time with him as it is. He has problems with speech as he is behind which I’m taking him once a fortnight to speech therapist. I’m glad he is in Childcare cos it’s workIng for him really well
Then I have the problem with my boyfriend saying that my son shouldn’t see any of them cos they can’t stick to a routine.
I have no idea what to do. I’m so lost that I’m now not thinking straight anymore.
Sebastian is 4 yrs old.
Please someone help me

There doesn`t have to be a set routine. If the grandparents lived a long distance away there would not be regular visits. As long as they contact you first to ask if it`s convenient to you there is no reason why they shouldn`t visit from time to time when they can. It won`t hurt him to only see them once in a while and he can make his own decisions as to how much contact he wants with them when he`s older.

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